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Dates are based on a global trumpet call when observation confirmed; otherwise, dates calculated on lunar illumination (Points east from first sighting - including Israel - may be delayed an additional day on the traditional Gregorian calendar)

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Global Observation

This calendar is based on global observation of the lunar cycle. A Biblical Month is considered to begin at sundown (where you are currently located) following the first sighting (confirmed by a second witness) of the new moon crescent. Once confirmed, we are instructed in scripture to blow a trumpet at the new moon, allowing the entire world to know that the new moon has arrived.

Traditionally (since the fourth century A.D.), the calendar has been calculated rather than being empirically observed. This was primarily due to the fact that Israel was forced out from the land and away from the barley crops, indigenous to the area, and they would no longer be able to determine when to start the Biblical year. As an alternative, they relied on an average calculation based on historical observation that consisted of a repeating pattern over 19 years. The pattern indicated when to keep an Intercalated year of thirteen months versus the standard twelve. It was much later that additional calculated averages were adopted to include the computation of the beginning of the moon's monthly cycle - this calculation is known as the Molad. In combination with additional rules of postponement (called Dechiyot) the Hebrew Calendar evolved after hundreds of years into the modern-day version. These average calculations (including the Dechiyot rules) are simply not found within scripture, yet have come to be accepted by many as Biblical truth.

Today, now that His people have returned to Israel, there is no reason why we should not fully restore the method of empirical observation and stop relying on man-made calculations. And for those of us still living outside of the land, we should not neglect the instruction given to His people to blow a trumpet at the new moon - a global trumpet call! As witnesses, we can let the world know of the Biblical calendar and Yehovah's appointed times.

Some prefer to follow a man-made tradition that crescent sightings must be strictly performed within the land of Israel (click here for a similar calendar based on Israel sightings). This approach completely ignores any eyewitness testimony (trumpet calls) from any other region and is not instructed within scripture. Just as we do not delay the start of our day until sun goes down geographically within Israel, there is no scriptural support to delay the start of our month until the crescent is seen geographically within Israel, either.

This calendar is adjusted based on actual witness confirmation of the new moon crescent. If you would like to report a sighting in your area, please submit your reported sighting via email or online at our main website.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page or read A Calendar Bias for Biblical Time.

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