Crescent Moon Sighting Reports for the Biblical Calendar
" the beginning of your renewed moons*, you shall blow the trumpets" - Numbers 10:10
*Orig. month; "New moon" & "month" are cognates of Hebrew word Chodesh or Hadesekem (Strong's 2320) derived from Chadash (Strong's 2318) meaning "renew"

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Sighting Reports of the Renewed Moon:
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Observed Calendar

Current map of sundown locations with moon & sun position indicators
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Map above provided by OmegaHilalSighting

Map above provided by OmegaHilalSighting
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Map above provided by OmegaHilalSighting

Map above provided by OmegaHilalSighting

Expected Observation-based Dates of Biblical Festivals

All future dates may vary based upon actual visual confirmation of the new crescent moon - dates listed are based on the location of the first confirmed moon sightings and continue westward as the sun sets in your local area (which may be the following date)
++ Dates based on a global trumpet call (Israel-based observation may be delayed one day)
# Based on aviv (ripened) barley indigenous to the Promised Land (Israel) region
* High Day of Convocation (no regular work)

If you would like to contribute by reporting your own crescent moon sighting, just click here to submit online or email us your report. Together, as Yah's people, we can all be of one accord with the blowing of a trumpet to communicate to all of His people when the new moon has occurred (Numbers 10:10). We also attempt to post our own sightings and in a timely manner.

For more information regarding the Biblical Calendar: Research Paper - A Calendar Bias for Biblical Time (Revised) - by Shawn Richardson

Archived Reports: